Florida Passes 130 New Laws, Saves Students’ Sanity

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Florida has enacted one hundred and thirty new laws this year, half of which have gone into effect already. One of the chief changes to Florida legislature that affects numerous citizens every year is their decision to cut back on tests given to students. That’s right, you read that correctly; Florida is cutting back on standardized testing.  This law will allow students to actually think in the classroom and benefit those who were convicted with drug possession, without being restricted by what material is on which test.


american flag lawThat One for Old Glory

Florida also passed a law that simultaneously boosts American economy and shows the ultimate act of patriotism. They passed a bill into law requiring any purchase of American flags to come from an American company. So long, made in China tag, Floridian Flags bleed red, white, and blue!


Growl and Drink

Florida has lifted a ban on breweries this year. From now until the next bill that bans it again, anyone with a growler may have the container filled up at a brewery for off-site consumption. Along with new growler laws, other alcohol related legislation was passed as well. One such law limits the cup size of a beer tasting to 3.5 ounces. The law also ended the tourism exemption law that had been in place since the early 60s.


Revising the Computer Law

In 2013, Florida made a goof on the wording of a law that essentially made all public computers illegal. This included gaming systems in restaurants such as Dave & Busters and Chuck E. Chesse’s. But have no fear Floridians; your government corrected their mistake. They have no allowed the use of these computer systems, while banning the public computers and Internet cafes that they had meant to ban in the first place.


Be Gone Ticket Quotas, Go Back to the Shadows

Florida has rid itself of police officers having ticket quotas as a result of an abused speed trap in a North Florida town. It is strictly, unequivocally illegal now! Hooray for Florida for wanting their cops to focus on real crime and not having to meet silly quotas for speeders.

Delaware’s Blend of New Laws

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The first state in the Union, Delaware continues to be its bold and unique self. Among the laws passed this year in Delaware is a mix of loosening laws against marijuana to strengthening laws against resisters. They have also loosened some laws pertaining to the sale of liquor and operation of liquor stores.  Overall, it seems like Delaware was attempting to be more welcoming of all of its citizens, but they eclectic mix of laws is very interesting and warrants getting an immigration lawyer.


Providing Driver Licenses to Special Education Students

One new law that passed Delaware’s legislative system was a law to provide students receiving special education a graduated driver’s license upon completion of driver’s education in school. The one provision of the law is that the student must be under the age of 22 to receive this graduated license. Among the benefits to this law is the ability that special education students would gain to drive themselves to their workplace. Many of them work before or after school, and their transportation can be somewhat burdening on their parents who are trying to work their own jobs to stay afloat.


laws on fire alarmsDon’t Pull Fire Alarms, You Will Go to Jail

Delaware has stomped down hard on those who want to incite terror on unsuspecting victims by pulling fire alarms or anything else that would be a terroristic threat. Under their new law, participating in this kind of unintelligent behavior would hold the possibility of being put in jail for up to five years.


Loosening laws on Marijuana and Liquor

It is now legal to be in private possession of up to an ounce of marijuana in Delaware. Among other changes to the law is the change to the penalty for simple possession, which has now been reduced to a nice, cheap $100 fine.


As far as the liquor laws are concerned, one law allows for the sale of liquor to begin earlier during the holiday season in Delaware; stores may open at 8am on Fridays and Saturdays and 10am on Sundays during October, November, and December.