Kansas is Going Covert

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law officeKansas’ three big law changes come in the form of taxes and concealment. First of all, they are raising their state sales tax from 6.15 percent to 6.5 percent. While the .4% increase seems large, the sales tax in the state is still relatively low compared to that of other states. Granted, Kansas is really only known for the Jayhawks and Toto, so the low sales tax makes sense in comparison to more densely populated states.


Along with an increase in increase in sales tax, the tax on cigarettes and e-cigs has gone up as well. Cigarette tax experienced a hike of fifty cents, bringing the tax on one pack to $1.29 plus whatever the sales price of the pack is. Many Kansans have claimed they will drive to Missouri to shop and buy cigarettes. Meanwhile, a 20-cent raise per milliliter of consumable material has been added to the sale of e-cigs. This is Kansas’ first tax on the new form of cigarettes.


Guns, Guns, Everywhere…Little Did You Know

kansas gun lawsMeanwhile, another law passed in Kansas that has people a little spooked, unless they are the carriers of the guns, then they are quite all right with the law. The newly enacted law allows gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. This law is known as constitutional carry and is currently in place in six states now that Kansas has passed this law.


There are concerns with the law, though. One such concern is that people believe that one should have training to carry a weapon, let alone a concealed weapon. This may be a well-founded concern, however opponents to this theory think that since it is their constitutional right to bear arms, the government should not be heavily regulating that right. Another concern is that you won’t know who is carrying a gun and further, who knows how to wield the gun they are so coyly concealing. Some are concerned for their wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of their entire family in a state where guns can be kept secret. Opponents to this line of thought claim that it will keep gun owners from robbing people if the number of good people with guns is increased, yet veiled.